How to order

Want to make an order from Jakeep? Here are only very simple steps: Discuss, Contract and payment, production and delivery.

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1. Discuss

2. Contract and payment.

3. Production and delivery.


We have cooperated with more than 500 clients all over the world. We would like to be a parterner with you as well and the distribution is supported. All the valued information will offers to you.


Optical Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) is avaliable. We are experienced OEM manufacture for more than 6 years. Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) is also supported. We have a great R&D team that would help you to make the best production.

Vaping Experience

We are vapers! let's discuss about the vape, device and interesting things when we are vaping! Exchang of vaping experence make us happy.

Looking for exclusive online services?

If you have a question or issues of our products Or would like to be a parterner of Jakeep tech. Please contact us feel free. We will help you and send you quick and nice solutions.

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